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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Report of 1 Nov '10

Hello from the Banyan -

We are well, and hope to hear the same from you. Diwali is 4 days away, and we are counting down to the day, avidly hoping we'll have cash for the festivities to give all the patients food and treats, and not have to rely on credit.

It is nice to be home. Before I left, I'd had to treat our apartment complex's gardening assistant, who'd reeled under hip and leg pain for a long time. She said that she could not even walk on occasion. She is of the extremely impoverished class, and cannot really afford a day off from work. I examined her, thought she had some inflammation from arthritis, and gave her some Ibuprofen, which various individuals in the U.S. have either kindly financed or donated. My suggestion was also that she get an x-ray at a local public health center (PHC), because I wanted to see how her hip looked on film. I saw her a few days ago, and asked how she was, whether she'd got the xray done; she said she hadn't been to the PHC because she'd felt so much better and was back at work with a spring in her step. I was extremely pleased to hear this.

Ibuprofen - the wonder drug. I travel with it now.

Some fine times last week before I left the U.S. - I did see Tori Scott, and loved that. Scott and I met Tori and Jerry Scott when we moved to Houston; they had 1-1/2 year old Jordan then, and we found out we were expecting Naren, and it was the merry time that young parents are wont to have. They have subsequently added Caithn, as we have added Navin, and I feel privileged that Tori and I have stayed in touch. Jordan and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, and Tori is about to be a grandmother; we talked about this over lunch, which Tori kindly treated me to though it was on my invitation, and then she was magnanimous enough to take me shopping - which I abhor. I also managed to see former neighbor, Carolyn Humphrey; this was just great. Carolyn and Larry H. were our neighbors, and Larry died during our time in Houston; that was the first loss of someone close to us and I remember it vividly. Carolyn and I caught up on family and friends, and then I returned to Sharon's place and spent a quiet evening with her and Keith, which was lovely. I talked to my mother-in-law the following morning, and that was nice: she gave me an update on everyone. Then it was time to board my return flight, and service was good - nice-looking flight attendants and a piece of chocolate on occasion, life was good.

It is great to see the 3 Weiss men, replete with the joys and challenges they bring. We saw Naren in a play yesterday - a Kevin-Spacey-in-"Usual Suspects" kind of character - and enjoyed it. Navin was in a "Model United Nations" over the weekend and represented Moldova, so educated us about Moldova, the nuclear issue in Iran, etc. Scott and I got away by ourselves to a very extravagant lunch - "you did not eat very much, I feel," our kind waiter said to me. I eat lots of small helpings of things, and tend to feel hungry again a couple of hours later, so a buffet is wasted on me, Scott has determined. But no matter, we went and ate and talked and laughed, and it was very therapeutic: sometimes, the stress of raising teenagers can cause all sorts of wear and tear.

Hope all of you are well.

Unw -



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