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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Report of 13 June '13

And this is bliss -

Both boys are here, we are about to watch the ball game (Spurs and Heat), and we have seen some movies and eaten out - all  joyous.  Today's feature films were "The Great Gatsby" and "This is the end" for the boys, and the latter for me.  I had not wanted to see a stoner flick, but it was very funny, well-made and beautifully-acted,   Nice job, Seth Rogen.

Work was good.  I had admitted a patient just before we left for Rio.  The man drank a litre of Jim Beam daily, and when he said he smoked a pack a day, I said, "Oh, don't want to live, eh."  He had given me a wry smile.  When I returned from Brazil, I had to sign some records and looked at his chart just to see what had happened: he had died.  I felt spooked; he and I had discussed death, and there it was.

I had another patient who was yellow from top to toe.  His liver function was off and so were his kidneys, all due to alcohol.  He was 33.  I read up on Hepatorenal syndrome, which this young man had, and found that the prognosis was very poor, with a life span of weeks.  This young man is going to die.  I know his mother; I worked with her elsewhere.  I was fairly relieved that she was not in the room when I went in the following day, after the patient had been given the prognosis.  I am a mother, too.

There was a developmentally delayed patient, admitted with fevers and a clogged feeding tube.  He lies in bed and yells all day.  As I read his chart, I found that he had suffered decreased oxygen supply to the brain after cocaine use.

Needless to say, the boys and I have had extensive discussions on choices open to them.  They have had some setbacks recently, but I am very relieved to state that none of these was because their moral compass was pointed in the wrong direction.  These other things (finances, school affairs) they can get over and do something about; if they'd done something morally repugnant, that would have been near-completely our (the parents') lapse.

The week off is nice.  I have studied and sat in on medical topic talks at St. V.  These days, all my benign flirtations and chatter involve saying things such as, "You look pensive, just like my sons," and so on.  50, my dears.  Middle age.

Unw -


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