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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Report of 26 May 2013

Good evening from Rio!

The 3 Weiss men are near me watching the remake of "Taking of Pelham 1-2-3," and I have turned 50 today.  I booked tickets long ago for the 4 of us to be in Brazil at this time, on this day, and it has worked out.  There is no better b'day present for me than to have all these folks and me in 1 place; I did get nice presents this morning, too, and a song twice over.  The Weiss men have tried very hard to make this day fun and memorable, and have succeeded nicely.  50, in Rio, with a fun day and lovely people.

We had a long, leisurely b'fast, and then went to see the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.  That was awe-inspiring, and we lingered (along with several others).  We walked around a lake, ate a wonderful Brazilian meal at a restaurant where the cabbies eat, and the day was nice.  Last week had been busy at work, and I welcomed the chance to hang out in this pretty city, with my favorite folks.

We have an apartment overlooking a cobblestoned street leading to Copacabana beach.  We buy food from the local grocery store and eat that when we are not eating out.  We pick 1 or 2 sights per day, and muck around with our Spanish; we can read the Portugese but cannot speak it.  The Brazilians are a sexy people; they wear little (thong underwear visible under clothing) and wear it well.

More after we return to Indy.  I was fortunate to speak to my Dad before we left, and that was lovely - to get his blessings and talk and laugh.

Until next week -



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