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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Report of 13 Jan '10

Hello from Chennai -

I feel like I am standing here with my arms outstretched, and several winds are blowing through me. It is a slightly frustrating feeling, and yesterday, I sat the 3 Weiss men down and requested them to carry out their responsibilities themselves, and not get on my nerves too much. The boys very sweetly thanked me for my candor and stated their willingness to try to comply; one said he thought he might not succeed completely in staying off my nerves, and that candor was welcome, too.

My mother is now home, and refusing to get out of bed. She states that getting up causes pain, and who are we really to question that. However, I feel that getting up is mandatory to avoid all manner of complications, but accomplishing this is Herculean. If all of you take one thing away from here, please make it that a daily 30-minute walk now will avoid many disabilities later in life.

The Banyan is great, and it is nice to be here. One of our ladies fell, and her thigh bone, a bone that is usually very strong, is now broken. Our impoverished ladies have brittle bones (osteoporosis) and I have attempted mightily - daily calcium, weight-bearing exercise - to prevent complications, with varying results. I loathe preventable illness, and maybe someday will achieve goals. For now, though, a daily 30-minute walk has to suffice.

Some magnificent interactions last week: my aunts are visiting from Mysore and Coorg, and we have got together with them. Their senses of humor are legendary, and it is a treat to be with them. They took us out to eat yesterday, and all of us pigged out. I also got to talk to Hema, whom many of you have heard from (she runs the Friends of the Banyan group in the U.S.), and that was like salve: Hema is a gentle, fun, easygoing person, totally committed to helping the Banyan, and we had a great chat. I received an email from a former patient in Indianapolis, a gentle person with a wonderful sense of humor and engaging manner: Mr. W stated that he was doing well, and was still managing to stay off alcohol. I was delighted! I attended Navin's sports day, and that was great: I love watching live sports in all forms.

I am very pleased and soothed at receiving emails from friends. Sometimes, a kind word or two can go so far, whether the communicators are closeby or far apart.

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  • Hi Renu: I want to write to you but can't find your email. Can you post it or send it to Love, Sudha

    By Anonymous Sudha, at 13/1/10 5:43 PM  

  • Hi Renu,
    This is Ringera William from Kenya. I was a medical student on electives in St Vincents when you were there. Do you remember me? You were the best friend that me and my colleague Barasa had at that time when we were foreigners in America. Your husband used to take us for dinner every day. How are your two lovely sons? We used to play volleyball with them! We graduated from medical school and now we are practising doctors in Kenya. My self I am now a health manager after doing management for postgrads. Please say Hi to your family.
    You can reach me at

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17/1/10 5:25 AM  

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