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Monday, December 11, 2006

Report of 10 Dec '06

Xmas greetings from Chennai!

Both boys are studying and I am making the best of our computer here, as the Banyan's network was down this am.

The B's new community health center for the impoverished has hit a serious funding snag. We have to raise Rs. 34 lakhs yet (about $80,000) and are resorting to widespread begging. Pls, consider yourselves begged. If any of you are in generous corporations that match your contributions, and all those of you that aren't, pls consider the B at The spirit of optimism is unflagging, as is the spectre of reality.

Life is ok. The B's patients are healing. One of our older patients, Ms. S, had a repeat stroke, and just as I was preparing the health care worker, Anjali, for the terminality of her condition, Ms. S decided she had a new lease on life. Anjali is a very compassionate and committed sort, taking excellent care of our patients, and she had been distraught that Ms. S was so ill; then Ms. S decided to give all of us a surprise by slowly feeding herself, getting out of bed when she needed to use the restroom, etc. Really, the human spirit is an indomitable entity. I was present when our volunteer, Vimal, had rescued Ms. S from the street, and was taking care of her later when she thought she'd been kidnapped (quite a few ladies think they've been taken against their will, when their will would lead them straight into the hands of the street, w/ its violence, rape, hunger, other similar horrors). Ms. S's condition continues to wax and wane, and remarkable Anjali keeps ploughing on. We are greatly blessed in our staff.

The B had a huge staff meeting the other day, involving all of us, including the cooks and janitors. It was magnificent. Vandana asked us to mention 1 dream for the B and 1 for ourselves, and some of the staff had wonderful notions, including wanting to work at the B forever. It was a fun, fun time.

Tutoring went on, and we were somewhat short-handed again. My student and I learned division, and it was somewhat more difficult to convey than multiplication, but she hung w/ me. We finished up w/ a game of Uno, which was great fun for all the kids. I punted on the veg market this week as I wasn't up to general rounds.

Pls pass on our appeal for funds to all those you think might be interested in helping. We can't do this alone, and would welcome all assistance.


"There is one advantage of being poor - a doctor will cure you faster." - Kin Hubbard

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