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Monday, February 27, 2012

Report of 26 Feb 2012

Hello all -

I had a couple of other things to do yesterday, and did not write. I had an 11-hour day today, and am tired, but writing is therapeutic.

The best thing happened to me today. Ms. J, one of our former patients, returned to visit. She has healed nicely, and runs a little clinic in her village. She treats patients for standard illnesses, and has had some nurse training, so functions as a nurse pracititioner/almost doctor. She brought a log of patients, their complaints and her treatment, and she was spot on in her management. I was pumped! She does this for almost free, and for the poor in her village, wanting to continue the service ethos of the Banyan, and is struggling to pay the bills. She has since established a trust to start an old folks' home, and brought the paperwork to show Vandana. I was impressed, and said so. I told her when time permitted, I would show up at her new facility, whenever it was built. It would be cool to work with her, she was our nurse when she was here and was very good at what she did. I gave her a little cash, Rs. 1000 or $20, and she said it would buy plenty of medicines. It was sweet - she is struggling to pay her own bills and gets excited at a donation because it helps her buy more supplies.

At this point, I want to say that if you want to help this effort, even $5 or 5 Euros or 5 pounds goes very far. A patient who healed with us and has since gone on to treat the very poor herself, is making a solid statement that I think merits encouragement. If you are going to send cash, please wrap it in a plain sheet of paper first so that it is not visible through the envelope. Cheques/checks are best (yes, for $/Euros/Pounds 5 or above), and are to be made payable to Jackulin; her address is:

Jackulin Sagayarani
South Street, Kovanda Kurichi Post
Pullambadi Valley, Lalgudi Taluk
Tiruchi District - 621 711

I can think of nothing better than the look on Jackulin's face as the checks start landing at her tiny house-cum-clinic, and she can then go on to do more, for more. I won't know what you sent, but she will benefit greatly from it.

The B has been fun, and the patients are healing. One of our patients had been in the ICU and very, very ill with pneumonia. The docs had done a tracheostomy (put a hole in her neck so that the ventilator could be hooked up to her windpipe) and had almost given up, but she has healed and is back! All of us in the health care team were thrilled to see her. She continues her usual chatter of her mother and father, and we are delighted to hear it. Honestly, this is a great place to work where we rejoice when one patient beats the odds and returns to us.

Training has gone swimmingly, and the ladies are learning. One day, one of them said, "I know you've talked a great deal about diabetes, but I don't know how one gets it." Get this - the others in class answered! "Well, it's when one becomes obese, and neglects diet and exercise ...." It was magnificent! It is wonderful to work with and teach such interested learners.

I was in Nagercoil last week to see to some business. My grandparents used to live there and their house is beautiful and old-worldy. I got to see some relatives, and that was nice. Ngl has great weather, and I walked quite a bit, and then took a train back to Chennai, falling asleep at 8 AM and only awakening at 4-ish AM.

Naren, Scott, Navin and I Skyped and we talked about the boys growing into adulthood and needing to execute adult responsibilities. It was a fun session, with lots of laughter and humor. The boys are trying to cope with responsibilities, but not without a fight. I suppose it is good that at least we get to hear about their angst, instead of their using other means to cope.

Naren and I saw "The Artist," and I found it boring and over-hyped. Scott told me today (he, Navin and I Skyped) that it won a slew of awards. Oh well. I am probably one of 2 people ever that did not like "The English Patient;" my friend, Tori, is the other.

"Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and instead of bleeding, he sings." - Ed Gardner

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