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Monday, January 17, 2005

Report of 17 Jan '05

Hello folks -

I am exhausted, but do need to get this report out. We were in Hyderabad for a short vacation this past weekend. The kids had a long weekend, we found some cheap flights and off we went. We stayed w/ some friends who were at Purdue when Scott was and that was lovely. These are the sort of friends to whom you announce (not ask) that you are raiding their freezer for ice cream, who have you cut the veges for lunch, who spoil your children tho' they don't have any, etc. There were also plenty of good sights in Hyderabad, again reflecting our wonderful heritage (now ruined by people using the roads as restrooms, which irritates the daylights out of me), and the boys had a good history lesson. We had a good, but tiring, holiday.

On day 2 of the 3-day holiday, Scott threw up several times and had a severely upset stomach. Sight-seeing was kept to a minimum and we honored his delicate health. Day 3 was spent w/ the boys in front of the TV and Scott hooked up to IV fluids at a friendly clinic. The Typhoid test was negative, but I am treating him for it anyway, esp because these episodes of upset stomach have been ongoing since he joined his new job. He now looks emaciated and this is a matter of great concern to all of us. Lactose intolerance (lack of the ability to digest milk products) remains in my mind, tho' there is not an obvious connection to his drinking milk.

Anyway, in addn to having several pts at my house (Scott and variously, both boys), the work at the Banyan goes on in a very nice fashion. There is, regretfully, a lot of typhoid there. One of the pts I suspected of having it did have it - she'd come in looking wan and lethargic, w/ fever and an upset stomach. I'd told Leela to call me w/ the results of blood tests (there is no lab at the Banyan and the pt had to go elsewhere) and she was so busy she forgot. The doc at the hospital which did the blood tests did prescribe the appropriate meds and I was happy the results of the tests were followed up on. As Leela apologised to me, I said the lack of contact w/ me was no problem as long as the patient had been appropriately tended.

Someone else looked after the tutoring for us this past week. Scott saw a report that said 87% of Indian children do not finish 10th grade. Of course not, they go to work. What a terrible state of affairs. Education so broadens the mind and prevents ignoramus things like mistaking the road for a restroom (tell a pattern here?), domestic violence and prejudice, but regretfully, some families here simply cannot afford this luxury when they feel they have potential earners in their children. Scott says this is where our tutoring's significance particularly comes in and I thought that was a sweet thing to say.

As we age, we are aware that our contemporaries now are rising in their respective professions. Our friend in Hyderabad now runs his own lab at a prestigious Govt-run institution, and is salaam'd as he walks about, commands clout at the local grocery store, etc. What a kick! We are proud of all our friends' successes, and are privileged that we knew you when.

The regn saga continues, we have started snail-mailing, and I expect nothing to come out of this. I will not bribe, tho' it will produce results, as many of you know.

"Camping: nature's way of promoting the motel industry." - Dave Barry

Best and all that,


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